Go rebel, drop instagram

February 16, 2013 § 4 Comments

ok, now that you’ve just shot your last one-hundred-thousand instagram pic, it’s all about this: will you choose Nashville or 1977, Earlybird or Amaro? Maybe you’re wondering.. hey, why the hell they do not add some more filters?? Do they really want me to try some other app??? In a while, crocodile…

Yes, instagram is getting boring and all those pics taken by over one billion users look all the same. Let’s be clear: you can get some good, or even great shots with instagram (for example, look here!!); but photography is something more than adding vintage-look-like filters. So before you download another super-smart-and-very-artistic-app, looking for a new awesome-magic effect, consider what your smartphone can really do with that 8 megapixels camera







Android Smartphone



Telling stories!

Yes, photography is about storytelling. You can try different subjects.. portrait, landscapes.. doesn’t matter, but if you lack the story you miss everything. Now, I know that all you instagramers have a lot of stories to share so.. just show us!







Dark as a dungeon
Android Smartphone



Going abstract

You can also try something abstract.. but, be careful: abstract must make sense!!

scalecompoStairs and lines
Android Smartphone


The golden rule

No, nothing to do with the golden hour. It’s not the hour you shot, but the hour you post. I mean.. we all want to share pics one minute after we’ve taken, after all… that’s the web, baby! But BE REBEL, wait a couple of hours… just the time to go back home, and watch your pictures again. Now: if while you’re watching a shot, you’re asking: is this good? – then probably you’ve got something to share. But if you’re asking: should I try another app? – then probably you have not!


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§ 4 Responses to Go rebel, drop instagram

  • malinhphotography says:

    I totally agree with you about instagram…
    Like your images!

  • riximages says:

    Your photos are great. And what you say here is truth – we can get more from the creative people out there if they take a camera, even a phone cam, and get out there and find new ways of taking photos rather than use a popular app that makes photos just like everyone else’s.

  • vgonis says:

    Totally agree about Instagram, even though I have never tried it. And what do you think about the new deal with facebook? Instagram users lose their control over their photos under the facebook terms. Facebook can and will sell your photos to third parties without your concent and of course without paying you a cent! Talk about the democracy of the internet!
    Apart from this, great photos indeed! It is never about the story itself but about the HOW you deside to do it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos!

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