The mystery of faith – illustrated trip inside religious feeling

March 29, 2013 § 10 Comments

There was a time, I was very very young, when I never missed a Sunday Mass. Every little boy like me went to mass – nothing strange for Italy in early 80’s. After all, the parish church was the only place to go for miles and miles!

_DSF0035 copia

My friends weren’t interested in religion: they went to church because of the soccer filed nearby (yes – the only soccer field for miles and miles belonged to the church). But for me, it was different: I had faith.

_DSF0041 copia

I had, because today I’ve not; but I’m still so intrigued by the mystery of faith that when I see a church I often walk in, looking for the feeling I experienced one day.

_DSF0043 copia

And when I walk in, I don’t forget my camera; taking picture is the only way I can meditate on something.


_DSF0036 copiaA solitary priest, a nun who prays, someone who’s getting confessed.. what is faith exactly?

_DSF0025 copia

Why you have it, why you have not?

We proclaim your Death and profess your Resurrection, until you come again.

_DSF0044 copia

There’s nothing to explain, isn’t there? Or there’s something that I miss?


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§ 10 Responses to The mystery of faith – illustrated trip inside religious feeling

  • Loved this post! Faith is very complicated indeed. You can’t oblige yourself to believe in somthing. Curious feeling.

  • These images are beautiful, I like the context too, really interesting!

  • 6us4ndre says:

    love this photograph, awesome.
    God bless you!

  • acoplador says:

    Reblogged this on " F I N I T U D E ".

  • nannus says:

    You are talking about feelings you had. I don’t have faith and I think that we are taught to interpret certain feelings as religious feelings, to interpret them as being caused by the presence of god or somethings like that. While I think these interpretations are wrong, It seems to me that the feelings are real and can contribute to give meaning to life even without such an interpretation. Such feelings can be the basis of something that could be viewed as non-theistic spirituality. Religion without belief and without the metaphysical interpretation.

  • vivozhouphotography says:

    It definitely is quite hard to describe what faith is. Great photos!

  • I love these photos.
    I went to Catholic elementary school. To a small child, the inside of the church is a very mysterious place. I saw people vanishing into a coffin-like box to confess their sins, and flickering candles that seemed to make nearby statues dance in their shadowy light.
    Woman with long veils were whispering something as they moved beads slowly through their fingers, with heads bowed.
    Just a wee bit frightening for a little girl with a creative mind. I imagined that there was probably a trap door in the floor of the confessional box.
    I thought perhaps, If you confessed too many sins for the priest to forgive—he would push a conveniently located button, the floor would open, and you would fall straight down into the abyss forever.
    Oh yes….I worried about all kinds of things every time my class had to go into the church. God and a thousand saints were watching every move I made.

  • Anonyma says:

    A lovely meditation and photos. Although I am agnostic, I too am fascinated by religion and have taken scores of photos of churches, temples and mosques through the years.

  • John says:

    Thank you for stopping by my site. Your photography is excellent! Amateur, huh?

  • Kavita Joshi says:

    amazing pics..thanks for sharing 🙂 And thanks for visiting my blog

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