Dynamics and movement – a love story

March 7, 2013 § 72 Comments

Futurism has always been one of my favorite artistic movement.   I remember the first time I went to an exhibition of Umberto Boccioni: I was a little child, my father  – a true art lover – drove me there. In front of each work he spoke for hours about every details, talking about the “philosophy” of the artist and the deep impact the movement had on the italian culture of that period. I didn’t listen at all, but I was so raptured by all those strange compositions, with fabulous colors and dynamics, that when I started with photography I tried to recreate with my camera the emotions I felt that day.



One of the goals of futurism was to capture movement and dynamics. Note that artists like Balla were strong influenced by photography as well. Combining panning with long exposures gave me some good results. (above: Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash compared to a photo by me)



Above: Umberto Boccioni – visioni simultanee compared to a shot taken in a station by me

I think the way futurism inspired me in these shots is quite clear; nevertheless it was unconscious to me untill some days ago, when I stumbled on this post  by Leanne Cole . Reading his experience made me realize everything.. Ex abrupto, but definitely!

Another way I tried to get some results is with multiple-exposure



Above you can see a comparison between Luigi Russolo The revolt and a shot made up with 3 exposures. This is an in camera technique, no post editing needed. And of course I also tried with portraits. Down here you have a photo of mine (double exp in) with the work of Boccioni Dynamism of a man’s head




Go rebel, drop instagram

February 16, 2013 § 4 Comments

ok, now that you’ve just shot your last one-hundred-thousand instagram pic, it’s all about this: will you choose Nashville or 1977, Earlybird or Amaro? Maybe you’re wondering.. hey, why the hell they do not add some more filters?? Do they really want me to try some other app??? In a while, crocodile…

Yes, instagram is getting boring and all those pics taken by over one billion users look all the same. Let’s be clear: you can get some good, or even great shots with instagram (for example, look here!!); but photography is something more than adding vintage-look-like filters. So before you download another super-smart-and-very-artistic-app, looking for a new awesome-magic effect, consider what your smartphone can really do with that 8 megapixels camera







Android Smartphone



Telling stories!

Yes, photography is about storytelling. You can try different subjects.. portrait, landscapes.. doesn’t matter, but if you lack the story you miss everything. Now, I know that all you instagramers have a lot of stories to share so.. just show us!







Dark as a dungeon
Android Smartphone



Going abstract

You can also try something abstract.. but, be careful: abstract must make sense!!

scalecompoStairs and lines
Android Smartphone


The golden rule

No, nothing to do with the golden hour. It’s not the hour you shot, but the hour you post. I mean.. we all want to share pics one minute after we’ve taken, after all… that’s the web, baby! But BE REBEL, wait a couple of hours… just the time to go back home, and watch your pictures again. Now: if while you’re watching a shot, you’re asking: is this good? – then probably you’ve got something to share. But if you’re asking: should I try another app? – then probably you have not!

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