Shooting animals at the zoo – a counter guide

February 21, 2013 § 7 Comments

Now that you’ve read all this tips about shooting animals at the zoo, you are ready to do a great series. Yes, the web is a great source if you want to improve your photography. But wait a minute.. why you should follow all these suggestions? It’s all about taking a good picture? Do you just want to test your new 400mm? Do you really want to take pictures at the zoo and tell your friends you were in a wild savannah?

If what you want to try is capture something else (maybe what a zoo really is), here’s my personal counter-guide:

1. get the cage!fante2

The cage is part of the contest, don’t miss it. Technically speaking, it’s also good for framing.

2. Use irony


Irony is a very powerful way for criticize something. Animals motion in captivity is always repetitive, emphasize it.

3. Be creative


Compose different images, add graphic or text, be aggressive when you want to show your message.

Afer all, you’re at the zoo, aren’t you?


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